Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I know, I know. It's up to me to get my product out. But I'm slightly intimidated about bringing my navel jewelry to tattoo/piercing shops. No matter how many tattoos I have or piercings I get I don't feel like I'll ever belong there. Plus I suck at pushing my own product, I'm too humble in person (I start backing down). But I don't think Etsy is the right place to be selling this stuff. In positive news this purse is coming along quickly (good Etsy material). Except I wonder what the other mom's do about the "MOMMY GUILT"! You know, when you feel you should be playing with your child, but instead are working on your craft or promoting your craft. I swear Maddie never sleeps. Forget time with hubby. I hope it's worth it!

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