Monday, June 2, 2008

I LOVE this tattoo!

I can't wait to share my new tattoo, unfortunately it just started the peeling process and photos would not do it justice. I was right though, Lisa is amazing. She also introduced me to this character, Betty, so please check her out! ....and definitely buy the book!
My 'pretty little lady purse', yes even I can be a lady (sometimes), is coming along well. I found the best lining fabric and ribbon for the lining of the strap... I WILL be done by this weekend. Otherwise, slap! Yeah I don''t know what that means either.

And before I forget, for all you tattooed mama's out there, check out this book...
and buy me a copy too please!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Belly Button Bananza!

Today I went crazy making belly button rings (okay they're really curved bars). I'm going to Port Charlotte tomorrow to get my Fairy 'Maddie' tattoo, based off this painting...

I would like to get the artist's (Lisa's) opinion on some of my jewelry, especially since she does piercing at her studio. Her previous work is gorgeous, so if I could get her to sell one of my pieces I would be in heaven, here's the link to her studio's website
If you're into mythical creatures or floral designs, especially if you dislike heavy outlining, she's perfect. Of course she hasn't tattooed me yet, so hopefully I can still say the same tomorrow. This will be my 6th tattoo, then my husband wants me to take a rest.... ;)

Anyhow here's some of the jewelry I made tonight, hopefully it will catch someones eye because I'm running out of excuses to buy all these supplies! Although it is fun to mix and match to make them. C'mon do people really want those generic flower/butterfly/dangly/playboy bunny rings? Please let there be others like me, who still have there bellies pierced but couldn't "stomach" putting any of those things on it!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Re-Creations!

I just added some new jewelry to my Etsy account. I wonder if it hurts me that my account is so eclectic. I mean I have extremely whimsical belly button rings, punky necklaces and elegant vintage pieces. That just reflects me, but it may hurt business! I'm quite proud of these new pieces because they are created from a very delicate collection of broken vintage pieces that I have brought back to life through completely new designs. I hope everyone else like them as much as I do!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I know, I know. It's up to me to get my product out. But I'm slightly intimidated about bringing my navel jewelry to tattoo/piercing shops. No matter how many tattoos I have or piercings I get I don't feel like I'll ever belong there. Plus I suck at pushing my own product, I'm too humble in person (I start backing down). But I don't think Etsy is the right place to be selling this stuff. In positive news this purse is coming along quickly (good Etsy material). Except I wonder what the other mom's do about the "MOMMY GUILT"! You know, when you feel you should be playing with your child, but instead are working on your craft or promoting your craft. I swear Maddie never sleeps. Forget time with hubby. I hope it's worth it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Are they worth it?

So I plan on selling crocheted purses on my Etsy website. I refuse to join the knitting revolution, I have and always will be a "hooker" dammit! But these purses take so long to make and I don't know if the time, effort, and materials are going to equate to any profit. I haven't added decided how much they're going to be, but I'm thinking about $40, is that insane or acceptable? I've gotten great reviews on my cupcake purse, everyone I met wanted to know where I bought it and if I was selling them... which is what lead me down this road in the first place. Ahhh what to do? If only Maddie understood that mommy can't make dinner, play candyland, or take her to the potty... she's too busy crocheting!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Post, Eyes About to Shut.......

It's 3 am here so there's no way this post can make any logical sense. But I intend to showcase some of my more unusual jewelry here (you can see my gnome belly button ring to the left) as well as share patterns and tips. Alright my eyes are requiring toothpicks... going going.... a better post tomorrow, promise! ...gone...