Monday, May 26, 2008

Are they worth it?

So I plan on selling crocheted purses on my Etsy website. I refuse to join the knitting revolution, I have and always will be a "hooker" dammit! But these purses take so long to make and I don't know if the time, effort, and materials are going to equate to any profit. I haven't added decided how much they're going to be, but I'm thinking about $40, is that insane or acceptable? I've gotten great reviews on my cupcake purse, everyone I met wanted to know where I bought it and if I was selling them... which is what lead me down this road in the first place. Ahhh what to do? If only Maddie understood that mommy can't make dinner, play candyland, or take her to the potty... she's too busy crocheting!

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