Friday, May 30, 2008

Belly Button Bananza!

Today I went crazy making belly button rings (okay they're really curved bars). I'm going to Port Charlotte tomorrow to get my Fairy 'Maddie' tattoo, based off this painting...

I would like to get the artist's (Lisa's) opinion on some of my jewelry, especially since she does piercing at her studio. Her previous work is gorgeous, so if I could get her to sell one of my pieces I would be in heaven, here's the link to her studio's website
If you're into mythical creatures or floral designs, especially if you dislike heavy outlining, she's perfect. Of course she hasn't tattooed me yet, so hopefully I can still say the same tomorrow. This will be my 6th tattoo, then my husband wants me to take a rest.... ;)

Anyhow here's some of the jewelry I made tonight, hopefully it will catch someones eye because I'm running out of excuses to buy all these supplies! Although it is fun to mix and match to make them. C'mon do people really want those generic flower/butterfly/dangly/playboy bunny rings? Please let there be others like me, who still have there bellies pierced but couldn't "stomach" putting any of those things on it!!!

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Kelly said...

i absolutely adore the cupcake much would it cost? drop me a line at or - thanks!